Cantilever Shading Structures offer a great dry area for vehicles when space isn't abundant.
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As a carport, the cantaport cantilever is one of the most practical applications.

Cantaport uses state-of-the-art technology to the highest standards of design.

The real Advantage of installing the Cantaport shading structure for your Car, is the flexibility of only having two main posts & Having three sides open, Cantilevering shade.

Built-in gutters and rainwater downpipes ensure an efficient fuss-free-structure. The polycarbonate roofing shields 99% of damaging UV rays from your vehicle.

Your cantilever structure reduces the heat by 83% to improve your comfort levels & allows filtered light to illuminate under the Cantaport roof.

Architecturally designed structure featuring an anodised aluminium frame ensures corrosion free, Termite free Long Lasting Shading Choice.

Cantaport Offers an Affordable Alternative.

Benefits of Cantaport

Multiple Colour Choices

Cantaport has selected a range of colours that reflect the Australian natural landscape and colours that will fit perfectly with your outdoor colour scheme.

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Cantaport shade structures offer you the extra space you need. Out with multiple posts, as basic Cantaport shade structure only consists of two free-standing posts.

Amazing features

The highest quality materials manufactured in Japan for the Australian market, block out 99% of the sun’s UV rays and heat reduction up to 83%.

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