Pool and Spa Shade

Enjoy a comfortable swimming experience without the sun’s reflection and glare from the water surface. Architecturally refined providing modern pool shading without the expensive price tag.
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Cantaport, Cantilever shade structures mean more open space and less posts.

The Cantaport is so simple, yet so efficient, modern and beautiful.

They are great for swimming pools and outdoor entertainment areas where free space is critical to functional design. They also make a real visual statement.

When you install a Cantaport over your swimming pool you transform your pool area into a modern looking and pleasant space with a lot of style and contemporary ambience.The Cantaport provides sun protection over the pool using a single support on one side.

According to the Cancer Council Australia, shade is one of the most effective forms of sun protection. Cantaport structures can reduce exposure to UV rays by up to 99%, including ambient UV light in and around poolside areas.

Pool users are considering Pool shade becoming a priority. Whether it’s from concern over UV exposure, a need to find some shade from the hot midday sun, or simply to avoid a sunburn, many pool owners are turning to shade solutions for their pools.

Your cantilever structure reduces the heat by 83% to improve your comfort levels & allows filtered light to illuminate under the Cantaport roof.
Architecturally designed structure featuring an anodised aluminium frame ensures corrosion free, Termite free Long Lasting Shading Choice.

If shading over the pool is not an option but still want a shade from the sun, Cantaport is the perfect option. You can place one of these freestanding Cantaport structures adjacent to a pool, placing lounge chairs and other outdoor furniture in it to create a relaxing enclave. Enjoy as much sun as you like on the water, then retreat to this comfortable and shady spot to enjoy, relax with family and friends.


If positioned to one section of the pool, they add an effective visual appearance.

Benefits of Cantaport

Multiple Colour Choices

Cantaport has selected a range of colours that reflect the Australian natural landscape and colours that will fit perfectly with your outdoor colour scheme.

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Cantaport shade structures offer you the extra space you need. Out with multiple posts, as basic Cantaport shade structure only consists of two free-standing posts.

Amazing features

The highest quality materials manufactured in Japan for the Australian market, block out 99% of the sun’s UV rays and heat reduction up to 83%.

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