Cantaport delivers a new and unique generation of carports, patio solutions, awnings and shading systems

Produced in Japan using state of the art technology to the highest standards. Certified to Australian standards, Cantaport offers an affordable quality alternative.
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Cantaport - The home of the Cantilever design, Simply designed architecturally stunning.

Carports, patio solutions, awnings and shading systems all Certified to Australian standards.

Cantaport structures offer state of the art Japanese engineering. Architectural profiles with sleek lines and unique design are highly versatile and are ideal for a variety of environments. Cantaport is a structure which offers an overhanging roof supported by posts on only one side of the structure.

The cantilever feature eliminates posts and brings advantages to any situation. You may need to offer a clearer view, arrange seating, park vehicles, set up outdoor furniture, extend outdoor living, shelter from sun and rain.

Perfect solution for residential carports to protect your car, boat, caravan, motorbike. Instant cover to carparks at shopping centres, offices, apartments, aged care facilities, depots, stations, beachside, schools - in fact Cantaport is versatile to apply to many shading requirements in residential and commercial applications of any size.

Cantaport is modern and minimalist with posts only on 1 side. The shade cover overhangs freely and maximises space. This is ideal to cover outdoor kitchens, pools, spas, walkways, porticos/entrances, bbqs, park benches, bus stops, drive-through windows, entertainment space, patios.

Cantilever structures offer an ideal solution at sports venues. They block out harmful and glaring UV and glaring rays and reduce heat will providing full viewing as posts are eliminated. Cantilever structures will benefit dugouts, grandstands, swimming pools, bowling greens, umpire chairs, cricket grounds…the list is endless…

Position posts against a fence or wall and keep the landscape clear. Create more room to maneuver vehicles in tight spots - no posts to bump into. Provide open outdoor living spaces that flow seamlessly with the landscape.

Cantaport structures are wind rated from 128 - 147 km. Designed in Japan Cantaport also have a snow loading rating and suit extreme weather conditions.

Cantaport is also available as DIY and all units are flat packed and predrilled. Easy to follow instructions and installation guides accompany the units.

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Benefits of Cantaport

Why Cantaport?

We can cover any area with architecturally styled and designed cantilever shading systems. Any size to suit your requirements and in multiple colours.

Residential Cantilever Products

Cantaport offer a wide range of residential options to suit any application. Ideal for pool-side shades, patios, BBQ areas or as the humble carport covering boats and caravans as well. The Cantaport outshines traditional options by providing the additional space which only a cantilever product can offer.
Designed to join together, Cantaports are truly versatile.
Residential Products

Commercially Cantaport Cantilever shade systems have been used all over Australia and the World.

Cantaport is modern and minimalist with posts only on 1 side, this cantilever design ensures your business maximises space and minimises intrusion. The architectural styling is highly visual giving your business an increased street presence. Ideal for large areas such as car yards, council sport covers, commercial outdoor pool areas, car washes and shopping centre car parks. See our commercial section and find out how we can improve your outdoor area today.
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KHGO Dit construction Patio cover

Our DIY shading solutions are some of the best in the market place.

We have a six-step easy installation guide, full engineering certification; all flat packed with every piece cut to size with all the correct fittings for a low price.
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Specifications View through a Commercial Shade with Ao smoke polycarbonate sheets and bronze beams

Build better with the knowledge that you are building a Cantaport.

There is nothing in the market that compares to a Cantaport. Made in Japan to the highest of specifications. See why a Cantaport Shading Solution is the only cantilever product you should conisder.
Cantaport Specifications
Image of wide beam carport install underway with warranty 7 year guarentee logo

Our 7 Year Warranty is second to none

Each and every Cantaport has a serial number guaranteeing you for 7 years. See our warranty section for all the information you need to know.
Cantaport 7 Year Warranty

Our works

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Client reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

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