Cantaport Specifications

The Cantaport specifications are second to none, engineered, designed and manufactured in Japan.
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Reduces Heat

Polycarbonate sheeting reduces the heat by 83%. Tested in Japan under extreme laboratory tests, the polycarbonate sheeting, unlike standard plastic-Perspex roof sheeting the Blue smoke polycarbonate sheeting, has been designed to reduce the heat to minimise heat-related damage to vehicles and outdoor furniture. Capable of resisting very high to minus temperatures.


Polycarbonate sheeting repels water and collects water in the integrated gutter and releases the water through a downpipe. The downpipe is also fitted with an inspection cap, that allows for all foreign particles that have collected in the gutter i.e. leaves, branches etc, to be flushed out.

Blocks 99% UV

Polycarbonate sheeting Blocks out 99% UV rays. The same laboratory testing in Japan has been undertaken to establish that the Cantaport designed Blue Smoke polycarbonate sheeting is capable of the advanced UV repellent

Structurally Wind Rated

The Cantaport structure has been tested in Japan using the most advanced technology to establish that the structure can withhold up to 147km winds (subject to which model). The tests included wind tunnel testing and through many years of over 25 years of experience manufacturing these structures in Japan. The best test is natures elements and the structure has been adapted to take on natures elements but keep evolving for future positive results. See attached link of a hurricane versus a Cantaport. The manufacturer has designed for under extreme weather conditions, that exceed the recommended wind speeds, nails etc, for the sheets to release, to avoid further damage to the main structure.

Polycarbonate Strength

The polycarbonate sheeting has been tested under the stringent test of compliance to standards in Japan, European, USA & Asia to determine that the polycarbonate sheeting is 250 times stronger than glass. Cantaport guarantees that the polycarbonate will not crack, split, show signs of stress for a minimum of 7 years (subject to being installed as per the manufacturers' installation manual). The Blue smoke polycarbonate sheeting is hail resistant and supporting 20cm of snow load over the entire roof. A common test to determine the strength of polycarbonate sheeting is to fold a piece in half and apply pressure to create a fold. A strong polycarbonate sheet will only show a clean folded line with no cracks, or stress marks. See attached photographs.

Manufactured to be non combustible

The Cantaport has been certified by Australian and international accredited engineers and the structure is manufactured of non-combustible material. The certifications comply with international and Australian ratings.

Easily Maintained

The Cantaport structure has been manufactured to be a low maintenance product for the end user. Designed to provide a long-lasting shade cover with minimal fuss. The gutter and downpipe have an inspection cap that allows flushing the gutter of any leaves. The anodised surface finish is the lasting colour of the structure for life. Unlike powder coating will not fade and resistant to UV rays. The polycarbonate sheeting requires no surface contact for cleaning other than high-pressure water from a garden hose to remove unwanted stains. It is recommended to inspect the structure after experiencing extreme storms for visible loose bolts or components. If unsure, contact us with any questions.

7 Year Warranty

Unlike many other products in the market place, Cantaport stands by the quality of its products in the Australian and New Zealand Marketplaces with a 7-year warranty.

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