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Cantilever structures offer an ideal solution at sport venues.
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Cantaport cantilevering roof cover block out harmful and glaring UV rays and reduce heat will providing full viewing as posts are eliminated.

Cantaport uses state-of-the-art technology to the highest standards of design.

Cantilever structures will benefit dugouts, grandstands, swimming pools, bowling greens, umpire chairs, cricket grounds…the list is endless…

The design flexibility allows for large spans to cover large open areas. The Cantaport Shading Systems Y Connections, M Connections and Triple Connections can provide more generous shaded areas with single spans from 5.0m to 8.0m wide.

With huge spans of up to eight metres, you can achieve the covered area that you need without having to compromise with excessive posts.

The applications can be used as extended display areas, common areas and undercover seated areas.

Cantaport shading systems can provided the extra shelter to sporting fields with an inexpensive budget. Allowing athletes, coaching staff and fans enjoy comfortable views without posts getting in the way. Comfort from shading can help to enhance the performance of swimmers and athletes by providing a more comfortable environment.

The various cantaport sizes and models can be installed to numerous parts of any playing and sporting field. The anodised aluminium engineered structure has been designed to withhold over 147 km winds and certified to Australian Standards.

The polycarbonated roof panels have been manufactured to reduce the heat by 83% and eliminate 99% of UV rays. Cantaport Shading Systems, the alternative shading option.

Cantaport Offers an Affordable Alternative.

Benefits of Cantaport

Multiple Colour Choices

Cantaport has selected a range of colours that reflect the Australian natural landscape and colours that will fit perfectly with your outdoor colour scheme.

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Cantaport shade structures offer you the extra space you need. Out with multiple posts, as basic Cantaport shade structure only consists of two free-standing posts.

Amazing features

The highest quality materials manufactured in Japan for the Australian market, block out 99% of the sun’s UV rays and heat reduction up to 83%.

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