Testimonial - Quick Fix

Cantaport KCR 5130

Beautiful new Outdoor Shade Area
Style - Cantaport KCR 5130

Client Brief

The client was in need of some shelter to stop the winter
rain from flooding her outdoor area. The outdoor living area
was tiled and did not allow any water to drain through. We
decided on the Cantaport KCR 5130, but required to be cut the
length to accommodate the curved parapet wall. Overall the
location was very challenging to accommodate.

Client Testimonial

“If every job could be done like this with no hassles it would be
great. Clean job and very good job. Hasn't spoilt the back of the
house. Very pleased and happy with the job. Has stopped the
rain coming under the doors which was the main problem”.

Cantaport Offers an Affordable Alternative.

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